Luxurious private journeys in Egypt, designed for those
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On the footsteps of Prophecies (12 days)

Get ready for a life-changing experience in the realm of ancient times. This Holy Journey will trace the pursuits of the prophecies by following the footsteps entrenched by Akhenaten, Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammed, guiding you through temples, mountains, churches and mosques, allowing you to etch your own spiritual quest.

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Through Egypt’s History (10 days)

The land that witnessed the lifespan of the greatest key figures in the history of mankind, from Ramsis II, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, Saint Mark, the great Saladin and Napoleon, Are you next ?

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Egypt drawn by the Nile (11 days)

Your Nile cruise will be your main transportation into time traveling to discover Ancient Egypt civilizations through it’s different cities each mark the different kingdoms of Egypt, only for you to understand the tremendous role that such river played in shaping Egypt.

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Tailormade Journeys

Ancient Egypt or Sacred Prophecies, each of our stories is designed to fulfill and heighten your passion for history.

Quality Accommodation

For your journeys, we have selected only high quality hotels and cruises according to international standards

Everything is covered

From the moment you arrive at the airport till the moment you leave, we take care of everything for you.

All Inclusive

Our prices include all mentioned  services and their taxes. No extras, no bad surprises. Just book your flight.

Salah Al Din Al Qalyubi Fortress & Mohamed Ali mosque


Egypt Trotter is a company focused on experiential travel through engaging stories, allowing you to travel back in time through a series of memorable travel activities by choosing the storyline of your choice. Each of our experiences tells a different story – whether you want to travel back the centuries and submerge yourself in the Great Egyptian Ancient civilization on a Nile Cruise, walk on the footsteps of Ramses II, Alexander the Great, or Moses, or reunite all of these stories in a trip of a lifetime all around Egypt – you will find the story that fulfills and heightens your passion for history. Our journeys take you through 4 to 7 cities per trip, even leading you to history-filled neighboring countries with a sequence of unique experiences unveiling the infinite mysteries that lie within the story that you have chosen.

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